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Central Geothermal Plant Construction

Update as of March 2014

Estimated completion: May 2014

Construction of our new Central Geothermal plant began in November 2013 and is currently on schedule for completion by May 27, 2014. Drilling on the 150 wells and laying of all the underground piping is complete.

Current work is focused on the Central Plant building, where our construction team is working on the new roof system and performing MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) work. Equipment for the central plant has arrived and been installed, the plumbing and electrical connections to the equipment is being worked on. 

Once fully implemented, the Central Plant is expected to save the college an average of $500,000 annually on electrical and maintenance costs and will offset our carbon emissions by 2,900 tons CO2/yr. over a 30 year life cycle. 

Since the Central Geothermal Plant is all electric, the college is planning to install a 1 megawatt solar array on south campus to help power the plant.