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Community Engagement Experience: Freedom Summer

CLCN 210

This course allows students to engage in a substantial, experiential or problem-based learning experiences outside the classroom that relates to one of the Antioch College liberal arts learning outcomes associated with Community Life. These include deliberative action, intercultural effectiveness, or social engagement. As part of this course, students will participate in significant projects or ongoing experiences on or off-campus that develop deeper understandings and skills related to living effectively in community, governance and decision-making or intercultural understanding. These skills and awareness include but are not limited to cultural competence, collaboration with others, effective decision-making, self-reflection, service learning, governance, community development and activism. FREEDOM SUMMER TRIP will also have 4 class sessions from 10:30 AM -12:20 PM on the following Wednesdays: 7/9, 7/23, 8/6, & 8/20 in the CSKC.​

Course Term: 
Summer 2014
Course Location: 
Grade Format: 
Letter Grade