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Hassan Rahmanian

318 South Hall
937-319-6139 ext. 3228


Dean of Global Education and Presidential Professor of Political Economy

Hassan Rahmanian arrived at Antioch College in 1986 as an assistant professor of business and management. He earned tenure in the fall of 1991 and was promoted to associate professor of business. His leadership service to the college included terms on the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, the Faculty Executive Committee, and membership on the Administrative Council (AdCil). He chaired the management program and coordinated the Department of Social & Global Studies for a four-year period beginning in 1998. At the closing of the College, Rahmanian rose as a leader in the Nonstop movement, ultimately coordinating the development of the educational program of the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute and serving as a member of its Executive Collective. From June 2009 to June 2010, he was senior director of institutional research & evaluation at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California.


Ph.D., Public Policy Research and Analysis, University of Pittsburgh
B.A., M.A., Economics, University of Tehran


“Is Iran the Next Iraq?” Presented at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, OH, April 12, 2008.

“The Presidential Candidates and the Future of US policies towards Iran” Presented at OSU panel discussion on the Middle East. March 30, 2008.

“Historical Construction of Organizational Time for Labor and Capital” Faculty Lecture Series, Antioch College. Oct. 2006

“Diversity paradigm: Premises and Promises” Presented at GLCA’s Conference on DuBois, Oberlin, 2005.

“Privatization in Turkey: Gains and Pains” workshop presentation, Seminar in Turkey: Religion, Economics and Politics, Ankara, Konya, and Istanbul- June 9-June 20, 2002.


“Discourses on Affirmative Action and Diversity: A Shift in Paradigm?” Forthcoming, Journal of Southwestern Economics Association.

“The Beijing Conference: A Turning Point in the Women’s Struggle” Pazhvak, a monthly review on the Iranian culture , Dec. 1995, (in Farsi)

“Empowerment in Organizations: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.” in Empowerment in the Workplace and Classroom: Proceedings of the 28th Annual Meeting Eastern Academy of Management 1991.

“Governance and Management: In Search of A New Hegemony- A Review Essay.” Working paper.

“Leadership styles and faculty-administrator conflict: A Comparison of Arthur Morgan and Algo Henderson” Working Paper #1, Antioch College. 1990.

“The Workplace within: Psycho Dynamics of Organizational Life, by Larry Hirschorn- A Book Review” The Antioch Review, Vol. 46, no. 3, Summer 1988.


Fall 2011

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