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Dennie Eagleson

South Hall
937-319-6139 ext. 2220


Creative Director, Herndon Gallery

Dennie Eagleson is a Documentary and Fine Art photographer.  Her documentary work includes projects made regionally on alternative families, local food and sustainable agriculture, the movement to save Antioch College and the founding of Nonstop Institute, and investigations into place and artifacts of lives.   She created an archive of work made in Cuba over ten years, and was invited to travel to Nicaragua and Sarajevo to create documentary projects connected to local activism. Eagleson is drawn to making sensitive and reflective portraits, and working with figures in the environment.  She utilizes a wide range of materials and camera formats, from conventional film, pinhole and plastic lens, to digital capture and printing.

M.F.A., University of Cincinnati, 1994
B.A., Antioch College, 1971