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Preserving and recording our history is an essential element in building the future of Antioch College. Antiochiana began as a collection of historical artifacts gathered by College librarian Bessie Totten, Class of 1900, who served the College for 41 years. Among its impressive collection, Antiochiana includes the papers of Horace Mann and Arthur Morgan, used for academic research by scholars from around the world.

After more than a century, Antioch College remains committed to careful stewardship of this critical College resource. If you have questions regarding the archive or wish to support its preservation with the pledge of a capital or planned gift, please contact us at 937-286-5534.

Songs from the Stacks  News from Scott Sanders, Archivist

09.07.2010 On October 5, 1854, exactly one year after the first opening of Antioch College, Horace Mann gave one of the more far-reaching addresses of his career to the General Convention of the Christian Church. In “Demands of the Age on Colleges,” Mann places Antioch College squarely at the forefront of an ever-changing and (particularly at that time) rapidly expanding American civilization, and challenges its founders to ensure that Antioch College... › MORE

08.19.2010 Manifestations of Antioch Colleges past are usually recognizable to Antiochians, but not always. Olive Trader ‘13 married Carl Nybladh in 1918. She was a high school teacher in nearby Xenia; each year a deserving graduate of Xenia High School receives a scholarship that bears her name. The following is her account of an experience from her senior year that would not have happened to any Antiochian alive today. Recollection of Olive Trader... › MORE

08.04.2010 Last month Antiochiana received a donation of Antioch School materials from Ruth Hameyer King ‘55, whose husband, Louis King ‘49, was director of the Antioch School and a longtime member of the Antioch College faculty. The Kings had a long association with the College going back to 1860, when Louis’ great grandfather, James Elbridge Greer, enrolled in the Preparatory Program. Included in Ruth’s gift was a carte de visite, or... › MORE

07.22.2010 There are critical moments in history where, if events went just a little bit differently then, the situation would be dramatically different now. There are several such instances in the history of Antioch College. Perhaps the most interesting one (with perhaps the greatest possibility for a dramatically different outcome) is how the college dispensed with the Florida lands it received from the estate of Hugh Taylor Birch, class of 1869. The story is... › MORE

06.24.2010 Antiochians are justifiably proud of the College’s standing among other institutions when it comes to producing graduates that go on to earn doctorates in their profession. This installment of “Songs” attempts to arm the reader with the required information so that facts will be straight when friends are impressed. In 1984, College of Wooster Psychology Professor Alfred Hall published a study in Change magazine called “... › MORE

06.07.2010 The Athanaeum Society, 1887. Standing second from the left is Alfred Hampton, class of 1888 and the first African-American graduate of Antioch College. This is the only known photograph of him as a student. Hampton became a Baptist minister, returning to Yellow Springs briefly in 1900-01 as minister of the First Baptist Church. In 1938, while visiting his nephew Joe Curl, he was interviewed in The Antiochian. When asked what he thought of the Antiochians... › MORE

03.04.2010 As part of the College’s centennial celebration of 1953-54, Alumni Office director Helen Tordt (class of 1933) collected the memories of Antiochians from vintages various and sundry. Many of those recollections made it into the files of Antiochiana under the curious heading: “Alumni Recollections.” Each and every one is a great read in some way or other, but none have the character and style of “Thirty Years Later” by Paul... › MORE

02.04.2010 It's great to be back in Antiochiana as your College Archivist. Now that Antioch College is back, donations have begun to flow into the archives once again now that independence has been achieved. Starting with the Alumni Reunion in October, several interesting gifts have been given to Antiochiana, including: A felt Antioch banner with gold lettering on a dark blue field, circa 1930, was the gift of Matthew Derr, class of 1989. The large block type... › MORE