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Student Farm Experiences

Student Farm Experience

Students are integrated into the Antioch Farm through coursework, employment, and volunteer experience.

Coursework Connections

Students soil experiment courseworkCourses, from Environmental Science to Global Seminar on Food to Psychology, use the Farm for experiential learning and student projects. Farm related Global Seminar student projects have included compost tea nutrient analysis, medicinal tea stand research, and installation in our dining hall, and making maple syrup.

Student Employment & Co-ops

Every term, part time student employees assist with the daily operation of the Farm, as well as Farm planning and public relations. Full time co-op experiences are also available on the Farm for spring and summer terms. Admitted students can participate in the Farm to Table Co-op or Farm Volunteer Experience.

Student Employees and VolunteersVolunteer Experience

Students can volunteer to help with work projects side by side with Yellow Springs community members. Weekly volunteer hours are hosted on the Farm during the growing season. Volunteers might plant potatoes or trees, mulch beds, move chicken coops, or help with a building project.


“Working to develop the Farm as part of my college experience is a dream come true, especially in getting to learn what it takes to grow from the ground up. Working in the dirt is such a valuable compliment to intellectual work in the classroom, and having a venue for community interaction and shared visioning is very fulfilling for me.

As a community, we need to re-learn skills to produce and connect to nourishing food…. By creating a Farm on campus with the goal of helping to feed the student population, … Antioch is walking the walk of sustainability."

—Marianthe Bickett, Class of 2015,
Active Member of the Farm Committee

Volunteer Hours

To Be Continued in Spring

Join us on the Antioch Farm during our weekly volunteer hours. All ages & skill levels are welcome. Weather permitting. Call (937) 477-8654 for more info.

Farm Video

Admitted Student Program Application

Several great programs are available during Summer 2014 for newly admitted students. Check out the descriptions and applications below.

Student Program Flyer

Co-op Form application for Farm